Theme-Thology: Invasion
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Theme-Thology: Mad Science
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Theme-Thology: Lost Episodes
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Amazing authors tackling one theme per book.

Theme-Thology: Invasion
  • What happens if those voices in your head that whisper bad things turn out to be real?
  • What do you do when ravenous hordes travel north into your country?
  • What happens when man achieves Mars?
  • When Human Purity forces enter a peaceful village of dog-headed people, the clan head must decide what she'll fight for - and how much like the invaders she's willing to become.
  • Thanks to medical technology, miraculous nanobots in our bodies let us live stronger and longer than we ever dreamed. But this miracle cure has an inhumane price.
  • A boy, fascinated by an invasion computer game, has a repetitive dream that enables him to do the right things in real life when it is asked of him.
  • Plus nine more stories

Theme-Thology: Day I Died
  • Jen gets a second chance at life when she's the first person to undergo an untested replication process.
  • What good is guaranteed resurrection if every life is lived with a crazy person?
  • What does it take for the murdered to move on?
  • Time stops. The world changes, in an instant.
  • Plus six more stories

Theme-Thology: New Myths
  • Babalu Aye, the African Orisha, should've been punishing evildoers and healing the sick. Instead, he's stuck in downtown Los Angeles getting harassed by gangbangers and running an alternative medicine clinic— just another day in the life of a forgotten god.
  • What will you learn about the light... and the dark...when you sit with Grandfather?
  • Eve, a misunderstood genius fourth-grader, is an outcast at school. But when her school project unlocks the mysteries of the universe, everyone's an outcast.
  • Plus seven more stories

Theme-Thology: Real World Unreal
  • If whatever you're doing becomes all-consuming, how do you get back out?
  • Meet the other Queen of England.
  • Mourn the boy who didn't die.
  • Travel abroad always provides lessons to those who do it. Add a touch of mystery, an old tradition, the cage of shame--and that lesson might not be what you expect.
  • How do three immortal knights keeps their vows, their secrets, and their social media status safe in modern suburbia? Especially when one secret is loud, demanding, and smells like sulfur.
  • A rural religious scholar meets a smelly shaman while out stargazing, and neither of them will ever be able to follow their elders' ways again.
  • If you want to be a super-villain, you don't just need lasers and piranhas... you need logos, uniforms, and a cohesive brand image!
  • A gold-digging candy-stripper is moving up in the social ranks. But her dream scheme backfires when the wrong doctor falls hard for her charms.
  • What is real? The dream, the daily life, the computer game? Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between them; their boundaries a fluctuation of electrons.
  • Plus four other stories

Theme-Thology: Mad Science (Forthcoming)
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Theme-Thology: Lost Episodes (Forthcoming)
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