Tiago in the Tunnels of Krall

by Charles Barouch
cover by Juan Ochoa
edited by Ian Harac

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Interrogative Book #3
Subversive. Programmer. Thief.
With the Jezoani, a self-appointed intergalactic police force, after them, the crew of the Interrogative are looking for a place to hide. Instead, they find an older and more powerful intergalactic power. One who wants to settle things between Tiago and the Jezoani in a trial by combat in a maze which holds secrets of its own.


This is Interrogative Book #3.

The Interrogative crew, noted as Seekers hereafter, will enter the Tunnels of Krall at the seventh entrance.
A selection of the crew from the twenty-one surviving Jezo ships, noted as Hunters hereafter, will enter the Tunnels of Krall at the first entrance.
If the Hunters kill all of the Seekers, they win. If all of the surviving Seekers find the first entrance, they win.
The contest will continue until a Seeker win is secured or rendered impossible.
The winning team will be returned to their ship, or ships, and escorted to the edge of Drell space. The losers forfeit all property. The Drell reserve the right to pursue any property on their home worlds, on other ships, or in any other location.